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Guidance on social media, advertising, and marketing


Guidance on Supply and Equipment purchasing


Guidance on class setup, party prep and execution


Guidance on initial hiring, training,

scheduling, and best practices


one on one training with the owners of loaded lumber,

walking you step by step through the entire process


Training on parties and events and how to maximize revenue


Two Options for Training:

Option 1: On Site Training ( 2 day, on site training at our Flagship location in Buffalo, NY) Meet the Owners of Loaded Lumber, Colleen and jill, and IMMERSE yourself in all things loaded lumber (licensee is responsible for travel cost and ACCOMMODATIONS)

Option 2: Remote Training (10 remote 2 hour sessions)from the comfort of your own home/ office with the owners of loaded lumber, Colleen & Jill



    This purchase is non-refundable

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